Prior to completing the application for employment, please understand that we are serious about creating a productive working environment for our staff and maintaining the highest levels of quality, service and attention for our guests at this restaurant. We want you to understand that we also believe in living our values, some of which are:


-- We believe that “good enough” isn’t good enough.

-- We believe in doing business in a professional and orderly manner.

-- We believe in honesty and integrity.

-- We believe that only a happy and professional staff can give the level of service we demand.

-- We believe in the ongoing training and development of our staff and see it as a worthy investment in the future of the company.

-- We believe in providing legendary service-the unique and powerful sort of personal care and attention that our guests tell stories about.

-- We believe that everyone is capable of being an A+ player.

If this feels like an environment for you, please complete the application below.

Thank you for your time,

Mary Rowley


Thanks! Message sent.